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Setup License locking in MacrosEngine

To Setup license locking in MacrosEngine you have to set up your licensing script on your server first, MacrosEngine works with the following licensing:

- Aymen's Mod for Meter's licensing script (download link) (keep in mind that this script is kind of old and it doesn't support newer php versions )

- MacrosEngine Licensing script (coming soon)


Aymen's Mod for Meter's licensing script


1- First of all create a new project and save the secret key.

2- Go to MacrosEngine app, click on Compile, then click on advanced options, then go to licensing:


- SecretKey : copy the secret key from your project details to that field.

-Encrypt Request : choose if to use encryptions or not (adds a layer of security) can be True or False.

- Project Name: project name as you named it in your licensing script dashboard.

- Version : your current app version number.

- License script path : the installation url path of your licensing script.

- License checker name : the file name that will be used to check for licenses validity.

- License file path : the path of the license file on your local machine.

Logo : the logo of your bot to show up in the license validation form.