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MSS Scripting Tutorial

MSS Scripting is a built inscripting engine that allows you to execute http codes template files. The script files are composed of different sections, each section serves a purpose in your script. There are a total of 4 sections in your script : [SETTINGS] section: in this section there are 2 values to be set! NAME= ; this is the name of your script. STEPS= ; this is how many steps your script will have. [SETTINGS] NAME=Spinnerchief STEPS=3 [STEP] sections: Everytime you create a n...

Setup License locking in MacrosEngine

To Setup license locking in MacrosEngine you have to set up your licensing script on your server first, MacrosEngine works with the following licensing: - Aymen's Mod for Meter's licensing script (download link ( (keep in mind that this script is kind of old and it doesn't support newer php versions ) - MacrosEngine Licensing script (coming soon) Aymen's Mod for Meter's licensing script 1- First of all c...

MacrosEngine Addons Dev Guide

Get Started: To get started with building addons for MacrosEngine, first create a visual studio .net class library project, and then reference the IMacrosData.dll in your project (found in the MacrosEngine installation folder), make sure the targeted .NET framework is 4.6. Creating a Task Action: To create a task action, create a new class and reference the interface IMacrosTask and implement all it's members. Task Action Example Code: //make sure to reference the IMacrosTask in y...

Get Started With MacrosEngine

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